Welcome to my website, littlemassage.com.  My goal as a massage therapist is to share the amazing benefits of touch.  We are all extrordinary human beings.  We all inhabit an extraordinary human body.  Our body, indeed, should be our temple and we should treat it with love and respect.  My recipe for good health and longevity is through a healthy lifestyle.  Staying active, eating healthy, stimulating our minds and taking time for relaxation should all be part of this lifestyle.  Massage therapy gives the body and central nervous system the chance to go to that place of relaxation it needs.  The benefits of massage are numerous and with improved circulation and movement of energy, keeps us "unstuck".  The stimulus of fresh blood and oxygen to the muscles and tissues keeps us healthy.  Massage provides a "flush" to the system on a physical and emotional level.  Especially in our dry Colorado climate, nourishing our skin with oils and lotions on a regular basis will help it to retain moisture and elasticity and have a healthier appearance.  This is important for both men and women.  So whether you are recovering from an injury, practicing good body maintenance, de-stressing, or want to just relax and feel good, remember, a "little massage" goes a long way! 
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